The Recital Rooms

Works taken place was in a disused basement of a 300 year old, Georgian manor house in Kent.  The was a magnificent project for The Historical Restoration Company to undertake. 

We transformed this derilict space into a magnificent room to house 7 grand pianos.   We stripped back the gloss paint from the original bricks and stones, hand built the frames and installed glass doors and new electronics, lighting, marine ply flooring, hardwearing carpets, heating and fire system. The photos below show before works and after works completeion.  

Old High Street, Folkestone

The Historical Restoration Comany has been working on  this beautiful Edwardian building.  The bricks were tierd and worn, and originally pointed using sand and cement.  

We spent many sunny weeks, in which we removed all the sand and cement, cleaned the brickwork due to a brick sealer being present and re-pointed the bricks using a traditional lime mortar mix.  


The difference is amazing!


Before Photos

After Photos


The works here were to transform an Old Ballerina School into three bedrooms.  The rooms had not been used since the 1950's.  

The Historical Restoration Company stripped the oak beams and floor, repaired and painted the walls and surfaces and fitted three ensuites and one large bathroom.  The photos show work taking place and completed.

The work undertaken here was to repair the damaged bricks surrounding the window of a house in Deal.  

The bricks were repaired using natural pigments and a heritage lime motar mix.  

The photos show the before works and after works completion.

Kitchen Project

The project here was to relocate a kitchen in a Georgian manor house, whilst uncovering a Georgian ceiling.

The work entailed uncovering two original Georgian sash windows to add more light into the kitchen, floors sanded, stained and varnished, new drainage, heating and electronics and decoration throughout.  A bespoke kitchen company fitted the new kitchen.

The photos show before works and the ceiling, walls and floors after work completion.

Play House

The Historical Restoration Company was appointed to create a playhouse. 

The playhouse is now a suspended floor with a secret house, leading to a secret tunnel which opens out into the gardens.  


These photos show two large ensuites, which The Historical Restoration Company renovationed from two bedrooms.


Recital Room

This room was once an old utility room, which The Historical Restoration Company transformed into a Recietal Room.  

We stripped out the room, installed new insulated plaster board, electrics and heating.  We plastered, painted, decorated and carpeted throughout.  The finishing touch was the new grand piano.


The Historical Restoration Company transformed worn, tierd floor of an entire ground floor living area.  In 20 hours, we sanded the floor, restained the floor 3 times and varnished the floor, leaving an immaculate finish.

Boundary Wall

This wall was built with 12,500 bricks in lime mortar and traditional handmade brick.  



These photos are of a wall in Deal, which had been repointed.



Corner Wall

This house in Horsemonden had an original oak beam that had rotted away.  The Historical Restoration company rebuilt the corner using handmade lambs bricks.  There was no colour match to match the original bricks so we colour washed and adjusted the joints to make them look like the original colour.

The photo shoes before work and after completeion.